Black & White

There is no disagreeing that the black fit well either the slim or the fat well. It is familiar that the black and white should be the colours that will never fade and out of fashion in the fashion world, especially in Singapore weather, as you don’t have to worry about getting dirty after wearing it for several times, moreover, it is the all-match fashion item for you feel free match different colours of pants. But all coin has 2 sides, the black seems easy to put on, but it is hard to be shine, and it will also give people the stamp of boring if you wear it the whole time. However, there are some tips may help you following.

It is widely known that the beautifully flowers need the set off green leaves to be perfect, when come to the black, you couldn’t forget the classic black and white association, no matter it is the collar, inner piece, accessories, so long as you add a piece of white, it will create endless lasting appeal. As it turns out, just a piece of jewellery in silver like Sliver Horse Bracelet could make you look difference.

Everyone knows the classic black and white overtone, but less of you think the black and grey matching which is even exceedingly fascination and charming. When go with this two colours, even though it is not the black and white collocation, on the contrary, it will show more rela. For example, coordinate the grey scarf with the black coat and pick up the grey shirt inner, moreover, the light-colours shoes works masterfully with the black wear and the whole grey and black collocation.


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