Out for shopping clothes? You will be shocked to see the standard department store dressing room in most outlets. Bit yellowish lights overhead will not do much to help you makes your outfit exactly in the real world, aren’t they? And they are even worse applying makeups. Avoid facing the same struggles at home with a dressing area that is well lit to help you easily access clothes and accessories, tend to your grooming and cosmetics needs, and put together an outfit that makes you feel confident and prepared for wherever the day takes you.

After walking outside, have you ever realised the black pant of yours looks Navy? Or that your carefully applied blush look clownish in the light of day? That’s because cool glowing light, or overly bright white light, can make you look eroded out causing you to overplay on makeup (heavy bronzer or blush) and skip out on white, cream, and black outfits that seem to do nothing for you in your dressing area, but look brittle and lively once you’re outside. Rosy bulbs can be problematic, too but for another reason–they may be a little too satisfying! Rosy bulbs are complimentary to most people, giving them a healthy and vibrant complexion and making outfits that may be a little too bold (especially for daytime) look warm and romantic. Nothing will give you a more precise indication of yourself than light from the sun. Arrange your dressing area adjacent to windows or with access to skylights whenever possible.

Tip: If you can’t get access to natural light, choose bulbs for your dressing room fixtures that are labelled incandescent or specify that they are non-fluorescent. These light bulbs are more likely to mimic natural lighting and have you looking your best. You also don’t want to rely on one overhead light fixture. Balance light throughout the room with lamps, track lighting, or even wall sconces to ensure that lighting is bright and even.


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