Tips for Smart Shopping

If you can’t stop thinking about it, BUY it. We strongly disagree with this fact sometime and do not practice this, it will lead to waste your money.

A man in the clothing store just spending his time with girlfriend, he happens to see a famous trademark shirt in an awesome colour he liked with a tag says Discount of up to 60%. He rushes to that shirt, picked one and runs to the check out.
If you’re this man, and always keen to be careful on your wallet by what and how you spends the hard earned cash, then this article is there for you.
You see many blogs now a days with guidance on how to shopping online, shopping trends and many. There is a massive, and increasing, number of fashion and shopping-related blogs: about 2 million approximately or slightly less than 10 percent of the 27 million blogs the company tracks.
Among these blogs, we shall talk about stylish shopping with quality for men’s clothing when you decide to get the best shot in the market.

Looking Good in Great Savings
Before you raise a voice, we are not going to talk about the dirty volume sales and container lots in stores, those are all not places for finding something good in fashion. We’ll talk about the products with good fashion.
The way this blog has been planned is for the long run shopping that how should one perform familiar and effective buying which would enrich his attire in an eloquent manner that spreads the dialog through the outfits you wear.
We ensure that you do not bring together any ruins if you go out to shop clothes and disbursing almost double the value you should be purchasing.
Sometimes after shop in discounted store for the items they offered, you smile on for saving a lot right? That is wrong. Always the most money you’ll save ever is from the clothing items which you need actually.

One of our pal shared his story with us and we damn sure, many of you have come across the same situation.

“It was some time back before the marriage, the wallet is big enough to keep on my pants, and we went for a shopping to a branded outlet where I saw the colourful vest close to my heart hanging out there it strikes my mind that I had to have it in my collections.
Though there are few are odd things in the vest with regard to specifications, the garment look made me to pull for it, in which the main part is its size Extra-large. M is the most usual fit from all brands for me except few but I didn’t even realize how it would fit in my wardrobe.
The red sale sticker along with a hottest offer of 70% made me to pay for it by justifying myself as it comes from the amazing offer and looks great. Given that I loved it so much and it was such a awesome deal, I should have to wear it daily right? As I thought that tshirt is close to my heart, I have love for it and its picture is only with my remembrance.
This vest helped me only to avoid some of the road hits and folks identify me easily when I wore it, I could manage the vest fitting by wearing on top of the other layers some times.”

So where is the vest now? After wore it for a couple of time and tired with the sizing and other issues, he gave it to the goodwill it seems.
Our point is we all regularly buy clothing’s but some time which we don’t need it in wardrobes and by not doing that you can save more money.
While reading this, just think about how many dresses are in your cupboards without touching for years.

Train yourself on Men clothes

The best way you can stop purchasing unwanted clothes that you don’t need is to know what you need and to do this you need to train yourself.
If you’re reading this we’re going to guess that you have seen a few of our articles and this is a great step in the right direction.
What you need to get trained is read a lot of articles or watch video presentations from the style icons until you know much to make knowledgeable fashion choices.

Computer Man

We are not asking or suggesting you to stick on to your lap top and iPad for a week and do nothing but check fashion articles but possibly reading a blog once in a week and watch videos about how to be good looking in YouTubes and read one article per day until you know what style you are following and how you can build up a good attire.

We could give you some other great resources for you to look around
Article of Style
Primer magazine
The Art of Manliness

As said about, you have to train yourself or else it costs much. You should have to be looking for a self enhancement every day and we suggest you to be as a follower of any one’s Instagram or email or Facebook for a tips on best way to practice fashion outlook on yourself.
So check for that fashion guide that you really matter to and read what he is blogging or how is outfitting himself, try to learn a bit about fashion in your daily life and focus on train yourself to buy.
One of the most main things you can do after reading this blog is to make a list of which are all the outfits you are missing.
This is type of work in progress nevertheless and the probabilities are it could amend as you get more cultured and have an improved clue of what your smartness is and what you have in your cupboard.
The outfit of yours can tell about what do you do and where you live and it has the strongest opinion on one about their dressings.
For a doctor their needs are different and similarly an electrician his dressing needs will vary. So on circumstances, you are definitely going to be different a bit in what to have in your wardrobe.

But there are stuffs that need to be in your attire and for that purpose you have to organise that list.

When you prepare this list ensure to focus only on the needs and then you can think about your wants. That Suits you’ve been looking for long time may be a best wish but you have a better choice of buying a best suit you can wear to office instead.

To make it really easy for you to decide where and how you’re going to spend money, you should identify and create your list first.
Few of the clothing are certainly a necessary investment that you have to spend but the other apparels which are all eye catching & nice to display in wardrobes are the one which you want to spend money on them after you purchased a good suitable outfit.

And when I say a suit I mean the complete clothing:
• An enjoyable outfit that fits you well with both the trousers and the jacket made from the same fabric.
• A light-coloured formal shirt that fits you well
• A matching tie
• Good class matching shoes
• Other related and matching accessories like a belt/suspenders, cuff-links, etc.

A muted tie in your list will help you to wear it for a wedding as well as for Funeral sometimes. That dress is an outstanding example of one of your go-to savings pieces.
Some of the articles written by famous fashion guides can be very helpful for your wardrobe collections. You can google them easily.
Once you prepared the checklist, you can execute this by creating a document in google and spread as a shared document with some of the fashion mentor by getting feedbacks or suggestions from them as they would be more fashion freaks than you are. This is an excellent choice to making it quick.

Read the Return Policy
Usually we never care about the Terms & conditions and returns policy when we buy something from a physical store or from an online boutique. You should cultivate the habit of checking Returns policy at least from the online boutique to ensure there is a consideration of returning the product.

Most of the websites are offering return even upto 30 days now a days but in a rare occasion on some of the clearance sale, there will not be any acceptable for returns.
Without reading their policy, if you complete the purchase and it wouldn’t be possible to return the products to them as they have a tag of “no return policy”

If you could manage to talk to those boutique customer care, they may accept if you are lucky. So be careful while selecting your products from the clearance sale.
You prefer to purchase with a brand you familiar with or from the small business boutiques which they never say “no returns” in order to retain the customers.

If you are making a tailor made shirts or pants, even if you have enough fabric to sew more than one at a time. Keep the tailor engage with only one shirt or pant, let him construct the one with proper fitting and styling as you prefer and later on your satisfaction, he may do the balance shirts or pants for you.
We are not only specific about the policy of return but also you can have an suggestion about your regular brands how the issues are been handled if anything needs to discussed or exchanged.

So before buying something make sure you aware of what the general and specific merchandise policies for the boutique.
If you know you’re only purchasing what is essential, by teaching teach yourself, creating a list and once you understand the return policy, then this last one should be such an easy task.

We hope that you very well clear about what you need to do once out for shopping or in online shopping and the fashion guide can anyone be as already you known as your friend, brother and or a pal from office. Take advice from them if possible.
For the long run this will save your money and keeping this mind will never ever have dumb of clothes on your cupboard as a show case stuffs.


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