We BORATO believe in hassle free, personalized service, delivered with sincerity and respect in online shopping business. Profit is important to us, but not at the expense of fun, and here at BORATO, we love what we do and look forward to helping you look fabulous!

Year 2012, our apparel business journey starts with trading of performance industrial wears. Slowly, our passion in clothing, drive us to start our own brand and named the label with a attracting word from Spanish “BORATO” meaning Thin fabric.

Shopping online is a thrilling experience always. After ordering the product, you will always be exciting to see the product to experience the color, presentation and quality. We at borato online shopping website gives you the experience of joy and happiness.

As our tag line says “We offer fashion, you choose the style”, our collections are unique, colorful, simple and stylish.

Our brand BORATO is fashionable “SINCE BORN” and “REMAIN ALWAYS” by making new trend to trends. Our products are ranging from Men Plain T-shirt, Graphic or printed T-shirt, polo tshirts, o-neck tshirts, v-neck tshirts etc., Shirts (plain shirts, stripes shirts, checked shirts, dress shirts), Pants, Shorts. Women products are listed here as women t-shirt, blouse, women pants, women short, women dress etc.,

BORATO should always have the best customer offerings. We offer fashion collections that are wide-ranging for men.

We should always offer thrilling online fashion for the perfect value for money, our business is passion with online fashion so design, quality are not compromised for price.

We BORATO focus on quality and fulfill beyond our customers’ expectations in each product. From the design stage, until the product shipped to warehouse, we ensure quality on every process by implementing our systems.

We are competitive in cost by means of many aspects includes less over heads, technical analyzing staffs with their teams, direct ordering with renowned factories around the globe, right products from experienced markets, efficient logistics.

An important element of BORATO’s strong proposing is that our team of management is most experienced and expertise in their respective areas, running the business with passion. We do not own factories but buying products from our trusted partners of Borato.

BORATO is the go-to source for all fashion fans, fun lovers, and free spirits of the world. We’re committed to offering unique styles from hundreds of independent designers in a range of sizes. Encouraged by feedback from our dedicated customers and highly engaged community, we design and sell products to reach fashion for everyone through online clothing. We listen to our community and put them at the center of everything we do. Giving you plenty of opportunities to have your voice heard is what keeps BORATO fresh, relevant, and growing in online clothing.

We are proud to introduce our brand in this golden jubilee year. Our brand will make an impression in the online shopping fashion world with the red dot tag on it.


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