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Borato Henley
Borato Henley

Once you have the stylish wardrobes, you are not spending lavishly more on the clothes than other men. If you start practicing of buying wider variety of clothes which are substitutable, then you could make unique look in every dressings.

By the time looking on mobile shopping, go on to checking for the suitable alternates for the basics of regular casual wears like denim and t-shirts, this would make you walk on the ramp.

We could talk about one such kind of a style from our own Borato collections, Henley T-shirt which many guys are not aware of till date. Henley’s are widely produced by all brands and they will make you look fabulous and attractive if you would wear Henley with jeans pant or shorts.

Henley basic

This term comes from England in a town of Henley-On-Thames, where the local rowing team has kept this style as their uniform. You can write this as “henley” as a generic, lower case noun these days.

As you can see from our collections, the Henley is a collarless shirt with a buttoning placket in the front. The placket may be sewn in 2 or 3 inches long and can accommodate from 1 to 5 buttons as designers drew.

This could either be a long or short sleeved. Long sleeved one is similar to the sweater with a v neck and has fastens with buttons and short sleeved tshirts are much resembles to the polo tshirt without collar.

The brands are making Henleys from the lightweight fabric structure to the heavy constructions based on its performance. Henley is not relevant with any kind of traditional fabrics or any purpose as polo meant for.

Thick layer henley
Thick layer henley

Benefits of the Henley

These tshirts are made either by cotton or cotton/synthetic blend, which is definitely be cost effective and maintenance free. Washing can be done in the machine without much worry about the wash settings.

And when you talk about the wide verities of construction in these tshirts, this tshirt is performing much in other terms of its advantage.

It’s very big advantage is its different style. Most men do not have this one, by having this in your wardrobe, you are making definitely a style remarks.

Henley tshirt made using slub fabric (thick and thin knit fabric) would fetch you much with high end fashion, later some of those comes in a garment dyed effect with the faded look, becomes more popular and henleys started showing at the mainstream store shelves. They are always be a best competitor for the usual solid tshirts.

Apart from its fabric structure, the style with V opening of placket has the signal of muscle manliness if you are decent built with the one and even if not this gives a fabulous look as the placket can be slightly pull off on a side.

Generally, these tshirts are affordable and one of the cost effective upgrades for your wardrobe. You can buy Henley from any brand for the cost of $15 to 25$ with an actual price tag and not in the sale list. Think about it, if you could able to buy the same from discounted sale, then it’s your chance for adding up a few in your fashion clothes without losing much from your wallet. The colours from all brands are applauding for every collections for this product. Solid colors and a pigment garment dyed henleys are lovely to wear in any casual occasions.

So if you missed out earlier the Henley tshirt, you can try this out in this Christmas from the brands who will have grand discounts sooner.

Pigment garment dyed henley tshirt
Pigment garment dyed henley tshirt


We bet you have decided on shopping Henley for this Christmas but how do you wear henleys? It definitely depends on a lot how they are designed.

Short sleeved light weight henleys is equivalent to the T-shirts. They look more casual and familiarise as formal as polo but plays a similar role. It would definitely give a thought on your outfit even if you would wear single layered short sleeved Henley.

When it turns to the long sleeved versions, the weight is the key factor deciding how could wear it. A thin light layer Henley can go under a jacket or heavier shirt, or they stretched out as top layer on cool day.

Henley matches well with jackets or light coats, so try to grab variety of colours and wear them along with those. You could make yourself even as a runway fashion model by wearing it with under casual suits. Try this and bring out your confident level on style! Style is eternal.

With regard to fitting of henley’s, make sure you have the good and correct fit always. Henley should a closer to the tight fit than a normal fit till the length end. No hanging of fabrics anywhere. If you a thin and a lighter body, try a size smaller than regular and can be a fitted one. As you read in the article previously, the looseness can be there in collar when unbuttoned.

The Henley : Fashion upgrade

If you made this last lines and still doubt on a Henley shirt, try it and we sure Henley will worth it. Go on search for Henley with a trial and buy.

Adds up with colors to your wardrobe.

Happy shopping

How to wear Henley Tshirt
How to wear Henley Tshirt



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